Participant Group Points Time S1 - Packraft - Trekking - Packraft
S2 - Trekking
S3 - Packraft
S4 - Mtb
S5 - Trekking
S6 - Mtb
S7 - Trekking
S8 - Packraft
Start CP01 CP02 CP03 CP04 CP05 CP06 CP07 AT1 AT1 CP08 CP09 CP10 CP11 CP12 CP13 CP16 CP17 CP18 CP19 CP20 AT2 AT2 CP21 CP22 CP23 CP24 CP25 AT3 AT3 CP26 CP27 CP28 CP29 CP30 CP31 CP32 CP33 CP34 CP35 CP36 CP37 CP38 CP39 CP40 CP41 CP42 CP43 AT4 AT4 CP44 CP45 CP46 CP47 CP48 CP49 CP50 CP51 CP52 CP53 CP54 CP55 CP56 CP57 CP58 CP59 CP60 CP61 CP62 CP63 CP64 CP65 CP66 CP67 CP68 CP69 CP70 - ROPES AT5 AT5 CP71 CP72 CP73 CP74 CP75 CP76 CP77 CP78 CP79 CP80 PC81 PC82 AT6 AT6 PC83 PC84 PC85 PC86 PC87 PC88 PC89 PC90 AT7 AT7 PC91 PC92 PC93 PC94 PC95 Chegada
This ranking may not be accurate because it is calculated with the GPS positions of the devices. The official classification will be published by the organizer.

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